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ESE315 Assignment 1

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All assignments should be delivered to the TA in .pdf or .html formats using the 'Download as' function of Jupyter.

Remember that for all plots that you make: always clearly label your axes and variables, and always show the units.

  1. The International Standard Atmosphere (alternative link 1, alternative link 2) is a static atmospheric model of how the pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity of the Earth's atmosphere change over a wide range of altitudes or elevations. Use python to plot the vertical profile of temperature, pressure, and density as a function of geometric altitude above the mean sea level (MSL).
  2. Look at your plot from the previous question: Why does the Earth's atmosphere have distinct layers with different vertical temperature gradients? Do you see this temperature profile on Venus and Mars? Why?
  3. Briefly describe the three major stages of the evolution of the Earth's atmosphere. What are the major atmospheric components during each of those three stages?
  4. Go to Shenzhen Meteorological Data System. Look up '节假日气候统计值' or '二十四节气气候统计值' at any one site of your choosing. Plot the time series of one meteorological variable at that site between 1981 to 2019. Go online and learn how to use a python statistical package to calculate a ordinary linear regression line for that time series. Add the linear regression line to your plot using a different color. Add a legend to your plot.
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