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本科生课程 Undergraduate courses

大气污染与防治 Atmospheric Pollution and Control

大气污染与防治课程主页2021春 (syllabus only)

ESE 315 SUSTech Blackboard Course Page (full course material, login required)

气象气候学 Meteorology and Climatology

气象气候学2023秋 气象气候学2022秋

研究生课程 Graduate courses

Atmospheric aerosol Spring 2024 (under development)

往年课程(课件可供参考)Previous courses

大气科学导论(本科)Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences


大气化学导论(本科)Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry


气候物理化学(研究生)Climate Physics and Chemistry


大气气溶胶(研究生)Atmospheric Aerosols


其他专题报告 Other courses / materials


Writing scientific papers科技论文写作

Good practices for making effective scientific figures 科学绘图技巧

How to give a presentation如何做报告

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