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Group outing in Spring 2013. From left to right: Heng Tian, Y. Jiang, Tzung-May Fu, Wanying Kang, Li Xing, Yue Jian, Hansen Cao, Qing Ye, Wei Xu.

Current members

  • Bowen GE 葛博文: Undergraduate student
  • Lei GENG 耿磊: Undergraduate student
  • Yumin LI 李钰敏: Undergraduate student
  • Yujie WU 吴育杰:Research Assistant


  • Hansen CAO 曹汉森: PhD student. Now postdoc at University of Colorado.
  • Jinxuan CHEN 陈晋轩: Master's student (2012-2016). Now PhD student at Max Planck Institute.
  • Yue JIAN 简悦: Master's (2011-2014)
  • Wanying KANG 康婉莹: Undergraduate (2013-2014). Now PhD student at Harvard Univ.
  • Nan LI 李楠: PhD (2009-2014) Co-adviced PhD student at the Institute of Earth's Environment, CAS. Now Professor at NUIST.
  • Yinan LI 李益楠: Undergraduate (2011-2012). Now PhD student at PLA Univ of Sci. & Tech.
  • Zongheng LI 李纵横: Undergraduate (2011-2012). Now PhD student at PLA Univ of Sci. & Tech.
  • Cenlin HE 贺涔霖: Undergraduate (2011-2012). PhD from UCLA.
  • Li XING 邢莉: PhD student (2011-2016). Now Postdoc at the Institute of Earth Environment, CAS.
  • Wei XU 徐伟: Master's (2011-2014).
  • Qing YE 叶清: Undergraduate (2012-2013). Now Postdoc at Harvard.
  • Aoxing ZHANG 张傲星: Undergraduate (2014-2015). Now PhD student at Georgia Tech.
  • Yiqi ZHENG 郑一琦: Undergraduate (2011-2012). PhD from Yale.
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